Land Art

The children really embraced the work of Andy Goldsworthy! In many ways, his work is an invitation for all of us to participate with land in a similar spirit on our own terms and indeed the children did. From the initial stage of discussion to gathering materials to creation, the process was well thought out and considered by them all. 

Many of us view his work through photographic documentation so it was important for this workshop children had some way to document their interpretations of Land Art. We decided to introduce the polaroid camera. The children were of course fascinated with this device and couldn't wait to have a go. The film for this particular size polaroid is increasingly hard to find and I managed to source some from e-bay. About half the children's images developed whilst the other half  developed more of an abstract tone. However in true artist style this did not deter the children, instead we interpreted what the photographic splodges and shapes might be which led us on to a who conversation about abstract art and interpretation.