Tony Cragg explorations Part 2

Yesterday's session inspired by Tony Cragg's artwork 'Menschenmenge' 1986 from Brooklyn Museum. We took it in turns to draw around our friends’ bodies with string, cloth and pens (how does it feel to use these different materials as a drawing tool?), and then using tape we constructed shapes and used plastcine, to stick 'loose parts' to the wall. The children thought about the word ‘abstract’, we discussed shape, positive and negative space and what it means to reuse materials. The children I teach are all so unique with totally different interests and styles of working. With this in mind, I try to make my sessions varied and as well as giving the children choice, I aim to introduce different elements that appeal to these different learning styles. Some children naturally gravitate towards collaborative, process and play driven work such as the wall piece, whilst others prefer to work independently. It is imperative that as an educator I remain sensitive to this; I will often work intuitively, changing components, adding materials and generally shaking things up as a session progresses, which i hope continues to positively challenge both the children and myself.