An Invitation to Play with Babyccino Kids

I am going to be collaborating with Babyccino Kids, curating an art making area during their ShopUp this December. They invited me to write a blog post recently about creating Invitations to Play for children which is available to view here.  If you've got little ones, I hope some of the ideas come in handy for those wintery days.

What is an Invitation to Play?

To put it simply, an invitation to play it is a set of arranged materials that captures your children’s curiosity, challenges and tempts them to examine, make and play. The way you select what you arrange will be based on your child’s age and what they are interested in.

I have added a few set-up suggestions with an art making focus; these are thestarting point and as exciting as this is, we can never predict the endpoint; that is one of the beauties of children’s art making and play. There might not even be an endpoint, but rather a process of questioning and exploration; this is good too. If you want to explore the Invitations to Play you set up, then sure enough your children will dive in and absorb themselves for hours, perfect for a wintery afternoon of making.