The World Goes POP


Our half term workshop at the Tate Modern's 'The World Goes POP' exhibition was an exciting and stimulating day . The children loved coming up with narratives for the different art on show and we enjoyed a fair bit of storytelling to add to the adventure. Children can be so eloquent when it comes to viewing art, and I am often left learning a thing or two from them; they often force me to view work from various angles and give me contrasting interpretations which I relish. We focussed on Therea Burga's Cubes (1968) as a point of discussion followed by making which culminated in game playing. Burga's Cubes suggest a multiplicity of arrangements and originate a semiotic game where meaning is never explicit. This was certainly true for us and our interpretations, and for each of the children, their own cubes employed different meanings depending on whether they were seen as individual pieces or part of a collective group of cubes. A big thank you to all our young artists who took part!