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Founded by artist Natalie Zervou, Starting With Art has worked with different age groups from adults to children in education settings including schools, galleries and the wider community. We strongly believe that art empowers children to realise their full potential.

Working with a range of artists, children that join Starting With Art's sessions learn to find their own way with guidance and humour. 

From very early on children use and experience art materials and objects to make-meaning. They come to Starting With Art’s art sessions with their own set of ideas and insights, and our job is not to simply transfer knowledge but nurture concepts and assist in bringing these to life. Through collaborating with children we exist as a co-learners and perpetual reciprocators of ideas. We are really interested in how children and adults navigate their way around a space choosing objects and engaging with materials. This ‘process’ driven work usually results in the removal of any tables and chairs as we return to our corporeal selves.